Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vote and Vote Early

I was sitting in the dreaded Teacher's lounge eating lunch with some unique and wonderful women. We were talking politics and I announce that it doesn't matter if the Democrat is purple or pink, I'm a Republican. That was wrong and I wish I could go back and say instead, "I'm a Christian. I'm not voting for any party that does not coiincide with my Christian beliefs." My sister says that the word Christian does not hold the best connotation these days and I should say I want to vote with the Bible. What does the Bible say about the economy? I know I should trust the Lord with all my heart, not store my treasures here on earth, and God takes care of the sparrow and dresses the lillies of the field. I'm not sure how that equates to a vote on either side of party lines, but I'm not ashamed of my siding with God and the Bible. There is a Baptist minister running for president, but I'm not sure his chances are all that great, so I'll just stick with one of the two big guys. Early voting begins Monday, and I will SO be at the poles. Not only because I hate the rushed feelings on the actual last chance voting day, but I REALLY want to GET THIS OVER WITH.