Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Orowheat Sandwich Thins

I have just discovered these here in Texas and I love them. They are great for sandwiches and hamburgers and only 100 calories.

I have to add that I probably did have a type flu virus over the long weekend. Upon arriving to school this morning, all faculty were asked to meet in library for a brief meeting. The swine flu is upon us. Well, not officially confirmed, but some type A flu which could be the H1N1 is upon us. In other words, "Wash your hands." If I wasn't already paranoid, I am now. I'm hoping my self-diagnosed flu will immune me to anything else floating around the halls of my school. I pray fervently that my girls will be protected, in the Name of Jesus! You are our Healer Lord and the Only One with Mercy and Strength to help us get through this flu season! Help us Lord.