Wednesday, May 20, 2009

M&M's with a Side of Guilt

My joyful four year old J came bopping into the living room and said, "Mrs. Amy..." I was humored and she was embarrassed. Wait a minute. Isn't she supposed to be calling her teacher "Mom" by mistake? Isn't mom the one she instinctly calls out for when she has a problem or needs something? Could it possibly be the fact that J spends more time with her teacher than with me? Oh summer. You save me from being completely devoured by guilt.
Speaking of guilt, I may deserve a little for my new potty training technique. I bought a 42 oz bag of M&Ms at Target the other day going on and on throughout the store that they were for all of us to celebrate A's poo-poos in the potty. I figured her going "number one" was far too frequent and I wanted my $8.00 investment to last a while. Through several missed attempts, (and my self-control) the bag of M&Ms has remained closed until I came up with a brilliant idea. Now, everytime A doesn't make it to the potty, I'm going to give big sister J some M&ms. So cruel, but I assure you, much more affective!


TJ said...

I read there are over 600 M&M's in a 1 pound bag, so hopefully they will last at least a couple of days. :D