Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Only Braum's Gives You So Much More

HEB was out of milk for a while due to Hurricane Ike, so I had only bought a couple half- gallons that were still available. That ran out several days ago, so I decided to buy a gallon at Braum's. Both my sisters had mentioned Braum's milk didn't have some hormone that others had and to quote one sister, "They know their own cows." Makes sense to me and I was delighted at the other goodies I could get there. I bought bananas, carrots, apples and yogurt. I threw caution to the wind and even bought a gallon of Braum's Iced Tea. I stopped myself from buying some ice-cream because that would have made just too much sense. Now that "the recession that noone wants to admit to" has hit us middle classers in the grocery department, I didn't see much of a price difference, so I'll be back again. Another highlight was the paper bags at the checkout. The smell and crinkly sound of which takes me back to childhood. I have bought into the whole go green thing at HEB and have purchased 4 of their re-usable cloth bags. They were only a buck each and I feel pretty cool carrying them. Also, the handles don't pinch your hands like the plastic ones can.