Friday, February 27, 2009

Times are busy around the schoolhouse these days and I am seriously earning my paycheck this month. My brain is bustling with all sorts of "to do's" at school and at home. Balancing work and home has no balance at all. I heard a lady on the radio say women working outside the home are really working outside the will of God. For anyone wanting to send her hate mail - I truly can't remember her name right now, but it will come to me. Sometimes I feel that dragging my pre-schoolers out of bed every morning is extra difficult because I know deep down it's not right.

I got a call about 10:30am today from J's teacher. She said that J was playing outside and hit herself in the eye with her knee. I drove over to her school to survey the damage. J's eye looked like it belonged to a prize fighter.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Pizza Soup (you'll need to scroll down some on linked page)
Garlic Bread
Cesar Salad
Tuesday - Sloppy Joes
Creamed Corn
Wednesday - Baked Potatoes
Grilled Cheese
Apple Sauce
Thursday - Black Bean Burgers
Cole Slaw

Friday - Orange Chicken
Yellow Squash
Saturday Lunch - Tuna Salad
Saturday Dinner - Crockpot BBQ Chicken
Sunday Lunch - Eat out I hope
Sunday Dinner - Scrambled Eggs/Tortillas

As far as last week's menu. PAPRIKA does NOT substitute red pepper, cayenne, etc..... Also, tilapia is just not that great no matter how you cook it. I hate the "fishy" taste of fish, so I'll eat it for it's health value, not it's taste. I think halibut is better...?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I bought Tilapia filets for the first time in my entire life and will attempt totally brand new recipes this week. I've also got two new salad recipes I hope will be winners. Three spicy dishes this week might seem excessive, but they'll be toned down a little (and still taste good I hope) because I'll use paprika which is a bit milder than what the recipes call for. Keep your fingers crossed cause I really have no real proof of this and I don't know what I'm doing exactly.
I found the "spicy enchilada" recipe after I googled recipes for Ocean Spray's Cranberry expires this month. YIKES! God bless it cause I'm gonna use it. I end up wasting so much food which I forget about and/or gets "lost" somewhere in my fridge, so I will not give up so quickly on my Feb - 25- 2009 Cranberry sauce.
I haven't posted my menu on in a while, but I have found so many good recipes using her sight!

Monday Evening - Crunchy-Baked-Chicken, Shells n Cheese, Spicy Greens (Recipe off of Pictsweet package)

Tuesday Evening - Apple-Pecan-Cranberry-and-Avocado-Spinach-Salad-with-Balsamic-Dressing ; the gals - Ramen noodles, grilled cheese, apples-cranberry-carrots from salad

Wednesday Evening - Cheesy Tilapia ; the gals - Pizza Rolls, corn, apple sauce

Thursday Evening - Spicy Enchiladas ; the gals - Cheese/Bean tortillas, canned peaches

Friday Evening - Celery Salad ; the gals - Hot Pockets, peas

Saturday Lunch - Canned soup and crackers, tuna salad

Saturday Evening - Easy Baked Tilapia ; the gals - chicken nuggets, gravy, rice, yellow squash

Sunday Lunch - Scrambled Eggs and Toast/Tortillas

Sunday Evening - Mexican Spicy Chicken in Orange Juice, black beans, guacamole, chips