Monday, March 2, 2009

And The Truth Comes Out

Let's face it. Menu planning during the school year is vital, but I don't always have the time. I've been ad-libing so far this week. Also, the family's belt strap just got tightened a extra 2 or twelve notches and I have to cook dinner with what I've got thru Wednesday. Don't feel sorry for us, I've got a bag of frozen yellow squash in the freezer and some Tilapia, Yum. It's just like pushing a not-so favorite outfit to the back of the closet just in case you may be desparate for something clean to wear one day. Well, all that healthy food I've been pushing to the back of the freezer must now come forward to be reckoned with. And the girls? They'll be getting that can of Spaghetti O's. I might even end up opening that can of saurkraut that's been staring at me since summer.

Sunday Lunch: Frito Pie
Sunday Dinner: Eggs 'n Tortillas

Monday: Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Tuesday: Tilapia and Squash
Spaghetti O's

Wednesday: It'll be a surprise.