Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day two not looking so hot either

Preschool has not met my expecations thus far. Maybe I just have set the bar a little too high. Or maybe the 922. 35 a month over the span of 10 months isn't enough. Maybe to get good childcare you have to pay over a thousand. If my girls can't be with me, then I want the next best thing. Day 1 was just OK. Day 2 has me mad. Breakfast this morning was chaotic because, catch this, I wasn't exactly sure how everything worked. Would have been great to see an administrator, teacher, heck a custodian could have helped direct a clueless mother wandering around holding two little girls' hands. I finally arrive with Puddin to her classsroom and am asked, "Has she had breakfast?" I say not yet which earns the response, "Well, I guess we can find something for her." Am I overstepping my bounds? Being demanding? Aren't you the one who applied for this job? Are you not drawing a paycheck for this? I am not pleased and will, for the second time in two days, have a sit down chat with the coordinator.
Part of the problem is my guilt for having to leave them to begin with. My other problem is being a teacher. We become the worst critics of other teachers. I also have a good week to scrutinize and critique. God, please help me to have the right attitude and know what I should expect. You love my girls and I ask you to set the expectations I should have for their daycare. Amen.