Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Momma needs some new breetches

The "Better than Robert Redford" dessert is good enough to make someone want to fly back early from the Domincan Republic. You know what I'm sayin'? Fantastically fattening. If you're going to eat something full of calories, it better be something fabulous to make it all worth it. I am back in the throws of pre-school year teacher in service and I am seeing several co-workers coming back slim and trim. I'm coming back seven pounds heavier, so I am saying no more to french fries, fried chicken, and anything else I tend to eat fried. After my body realizes I mean business, I'm gonna subtract something else from my diet. I am thinking it should be sodas. They really aren't that good tasting and as long as I can have my coffee in the morning and my half sweet/half unsweet iced teas, I shouldn't feel too deprived. As punishment for still being in a size 12, I will wear the same raggedy old pants I wore last year until I can buy some in size 10.