Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer is Ending

The sky has been cloudy all day, but no rain so far. I feel a little cloudy today too. Both the girls spent the morning with their new teachers for the year. I got to see my new classroom where I will be spending my mornings this school year. And I feel hesitant to leave my summer behind. My summer spent falling more in love with two little girls. They are growing way too soon for their dad and me. Their daddy just ordered them the other day to, "Slow down!" I wish I could sit down with my mother over that familiar kitchen counter and talk about how hard it is to see your babies grow up and need you less everyday. How much more compassion and understanding do I have for her now! I wish I would have known then how dear I was to her. Imperfections and all, I was simply her daughter and held a piece of her heart in my naive and inconsiderate hands. One day, I will be able to speak to her again. A day and hour I do not know, I am going to the place where she now lives. Until that time, I will look forward to the future and hope God has for my little girls and trust Him again and again to protect them and guide their steps.