Thursday, August 7, 2008

I married a comedian

My Princess met her new teacher, Ms. Andrea, today. She seems lovely and I am very excited and at ease. She's so ready to be back into that school routine and around all the other kids. And what a sweet surprise when we got home and found a postcard addressed to Princess welcoming her to Ms. Andrea's class. Princess seemed so impressed by this piece of mail specifically for her that she made sure to show her dad as soon as he came in the door. What a special moment to yield such a wretched response. "Wow, your teacher is named Mrs. Booger Face. That was really nice of Mrs. Booger Face." Can you imagine Princess on the first day of school addressing Ms. Andrea in such a way? Oh, hubby thought he was real funny playing on the naivete of a three-year old.

Hubby's sense of humor is unique, but I get it and sometimes will even laugh. Like when we were sitting in front of the TV and a commercial for the Olympics came on. It tried very hard to play on its audience's emotions and inspire them to watch. It really didn't add any enthusiasm to my perception of the Olympics and I wondered what hubby was thinking, so I asked, "Is there any specific competition you're looking forward to?" His response, "Debbie, I still don't know what country I'll be routing for let alone a certain event." Ha Ha. He can make me smile and I love him for it.