Friday, August 1, 2008

The Chief Cornerstone

The beginning of the school year is fast approaching and my stomach is churning. No, not anything I ate, it is because I will be handing my precious little girls over to strangers to care for them during the day while I return to the work force. I have to remind myself alomost daily that my children are the Lord's heritage. They belong to Him and I must trust Him to take care of them. Even when they are under my watchful eye. Like now when I'm on the computer and Puddin's in the living room playing or something. Take care of my precious babies, Lord.

I have chosen a daycare called Cornerstone. Supposedly they only employ Christians. Hubby leaves all the daycare solutions to me and has trusted me to choose the most economical place. Yeah honey, of course I chose a child care facility based on price. Puhlease, you can't pay for peace of mind and that's why during week one, I've planned to drop in unexpectedly, observe all the goings on and interrogate the staff. I'll update you on my findings.