Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Appetite Spoiler?

Something strange about all this hot weather is I'm seeing a lot more bugs coming into the house. They're obviously in search of some AC, but they are gonna find the bottom of my shoe instead If they could possibly help pay for part of my electric bill we might be able to come to some other arrangement.

We are seeing a bug at least twice a day and they are strange ones. These have been somewhere between a beetle and a cricket. Of course Princess is the first to discover them, her being closer to the floor and all. She then screams, "Mommy, a bug a bug! Kill it, kill it." Hubby and I were just wondering the other day where in the world she was getting the new violent vocabulary. I guess that would be from me because my natural response to her has been, "Mommy will kill it. Yeah! Now it's dead."

The second time she screamed bug yesterday, I was in the kitchen. I asked her what it was doing. She got down on the floor, layed on her back and started kicking her hands and legs in the air. It was so cute I had her perform it two different times for her dad and aunt. What talent!