Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekly Menu

Monday: Basic Salad
Carrot Sticks & Ranch Dressing
Chicken Ringos for the girls:)
Apple Sauce

Tuesday: Hamburger Helper Ugh does not equate a great meal, but
it's in the cupboard and I might as well use it and it's quick and easy La la la
Wheat Rolls
Corn on the cob

Wednesday: Salsa Salad (Basic Salad with..dumtadum..Salsa!!!, Pinto Beans, and Fritos)
Bean Burritos for the girls:)
Peaches and Pears

Thursday: Broccoli-Cheese-Casserole
Apple Sauce
Homemade Wheat Bread from the bread machine, please hold all applause

Friday: Frozen Pizza
Frozen-Fruit-Salad cause we're talkin' consecutive triple digits

Saturday lunch: Cheese Nachos with tomato and olive

Saturday dindin: Hamburger-Spanish-Rice

Sunday lunch: PotRoast
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Tapioca Pudding(Not really, it just fit somehow)

Sunday dindin: Cereal
Scrambled Eggs/Toast