Friday, July 11, 2008

Menu Review

The sweet-n-sour chicken from last night was really good. Next time I'll be more prepared, but I should have put some sliced raw carrot in with the onion and had some of those great crunchy noodles to go on top. Chow mein noodles,of course! I love those things. I wonder if they would be considered a healthy snack? Maybe strange to admit, but I could snack on some raw Ramen Noodles too.

I think the girls and I will go on a short shopping trip this morning just to get out of the house. It must be short because Princess does not do well in stores for long periods of time. If she's not asking to use the restroom, she wants me to buy something she can't live without. Yesterday afternoon I was trying to persuade her to help pick up toys. As serious as can be, she turns her hands palm up and while cautiously examining them, she explains how she can't clean because her hands were red and they hurt. She must have learned that one from her exposure to daycare.

"Something else is gonna hurt if you don't pick up these toys!"

No, I wouldn't say that to a three year old. Instead of threatening a three minute rendezvous in her room, I thought I'd use some good old fashion bribery.

"If you help clean up, we can go get a present!"

Yes, Princess hopped to it and the floor got cleaned. So I'll make good on my promise and get her a new pair of ballerina shoes I saw at Tuesday Morning for $4. I wanted to get those anyway and now I have a pretty poor excuse. The only positive thing about daycare is that I can use it as a scapegoat if Princess turns out spoiled rotten.