Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Already!

Haven't had time to post cause Hubby's parents and nephews came to visit us this week. The girls absolutely adore their grandparents and cousins! It felt like our vacation had come to us. In my book, there is nothing better than to visit with family and still get to sleep in your own bed.

My mother-in-law cooked both Tuesday and Wednesday nights for which I am grateful. I can still want to give a short response to the taco salad from Monday night. It was not quite what I'm looking for and so I will not be making that recipe again. It was one of those meals where you are still full from it four days later. My dad always made a fantastic taco salad growing up and I'll just have to get his recipe.

I wanted to tell you about a great positive behavior reinforcement idea I heard about on the radio. I do recall a mother and daughter speaking about growing up in a single family home and instilling values in children. I wish I could give the daughter kudos because she shared this "fruit tree" idea that I thought was just wonderful. You put a homemade tree up on your wall somewhere and you let your little ones place fruit stickers on the tree every time you catch them "producing" the fruit of the Spirit. I'll be posting a picture soon!