Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

It's summer, it's Texas, and I am done cooking until fall. That's not the right attitude. I am going to post a menu, but it feels like a lie cause I haven't been exactly following the others I've posted. Too many spur of the moment happenings going on and my menu is being kicked out the window. And it is just too hot to eat and I should start getting skinny any minute now with all the sweat I'm perspirin'. Okay, here's the menu and thank-you to for the motiviation!

Monday: Beef Fajitas...can you believe a Taqueria here in town had a sign out advertising their FAHITAS?

Tuesday: Been and Beef Burritos
Taco Rice

Wednesday: Mozzerella hot sauce chicken

Thursday: Chicken and Rice
Steamed Vegetables

Friday: Tuna Sandwiches
Chips and Salsa


Anonymous said...

Your menu sounds good! Although, if the Mozzarella Hot Sauce Chicken is too hot, I'd probably have to tone that one down for me. But it still sounds tasty!

Hope you have a great week!