Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who's wearing the smarty pants now?

Hubby and I were watching a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond the other night. Debra and Ray had taken an IQ test and it turned out the Debra was smarter(no kidding, right?) Then they found out there was an error and Ray was smarter. Anyway the show went on and I turned to Hubby and said, "You must know I'm smarter right?" Of course I was joking. It's an understood fact he has a lot more knowledge, wit, and is an exceptionally good speller I might add. At times, my Hubby can be brilliant. I hope he reads this...

All that to say this. We were watching a 2minute segment of the game show Duel last night because Hubby was really watching that too fast for you race car movie, but there was a commercial. Hubby had nothing on me during those two minutes. IIIIIIIII am the chammmmpion my friiiieeeend. Try and test your skills:

Which animal helps produce cashmere?

A. Camel

B. Rabbit

C. Goat

D. Llama

Which food contains only three ingredients?

A. Baked Cheetos

B. Fritos

C. Peanut M&Ms

D. Cracker Jacks

The questions seem pretty easy right now, but hubby was way wrong on both. He said rabbit and Baked Cheetos. The correct answers are Goat and Fritos. Hey, I can be your phone a friend on Millionaire if you come across a question about fried snack foods and/or animals who graze. If you found that at all entertaining and would like to play a demo, click the link: