Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That Poolman of Mine

Today is wash day. The only day I will not talk myself out of mopping some floor and using the washing machine more than once. I need to make sure all laundry is caught up because we are heading out to Abilene for the weekend to visit my in-laws. My husband and I had planned on going the weekend of my father-in-law's birthday, but it has snuck up on us. My menu is going to be waaaaayyyy off. Oh well.

This is a good time to come up for a shortened name for my husband. I will be using two different pseudonyms. I'm sorry, but sometimes "Hubby" just won't cut it. Sometimes my feelings do not reflect a name that brings smiles and warm gushy heart flutters. I will always love him, pray for him, and want the best for my hubby, but somedays I'll be referring to him as Poolman. Swimming pools is his main trade by the way.